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The best gift pack or self-indulging drink pack! There is bound to be something you love, while the rest are undoubtedly high-quality drink experiences.

Contains: Cold Brew Black, Cold Brew White, Matcha, Hojicha, Earl Grey Chocolate, Yummy Coffee

Simple, balanced, strong. Pour over ice to enjoy!
A smooth brew with lowered acidity, finished off with fresh milk and lightly sweetened for an elevation of flavour - just the way we like it!
Our most indulgent coffee concoction yet - think perfectly balanced coffee and milk with brown sugar and cream. We've been told that a shot of whisky goes very well with our Signature Yummy Coffee brew ;)
Can't make up your mind between dark chocolate indulgence and coffee? Mocha is the way to go. Zero syrups, zero sweeteners. Just dark chocolate and a well-balanced coffee base. Yum!

If you'd like to have full control over your coffee:milk ratios or go for plant-based milk options - A Cold Brew Concentrate is the way to go!

250ml makes 4-6 Servings.

500ml makes 8-10 Servings.

Our ultimate crowd pleaser! Ceylon Tea scented with bergamot oils, cold steeped for over 18 hour to impart floral scents to a dark chocolate base. Finished with a dash of salt.
Specially sourced ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Japan. Our brew is lightly sweetened to elevate its bright, floral and umami notes.
Our signature blend has gone through rounds of optimising and has the best flavour, milk:tea ratio and is finished off with a subtle rose scent to complement the roasted Hojicha notes.
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